This is where we are going
Here you can find out what we did last year and what we plan to achieve from now on!

What we did in 2022


- Tokenizer of real assets
- Portfolio manager (full history of on-chain transactions, reconciliation, loan management)
- Lending Pools V1


- ABRL stablecoin
- Automatic on-/off-chain payments
- Custodial wallet option for investors


- Launch of the first Pool!
- Macroeconomic indicators integrated into the platform
- Project together with Lift Lab (Central Bank of Brazil)

What we plan for 2023


AmFi will now be able to distribute Pools publicly and openly (new CVM 160 regulation)
- Create Pool of Pools (PoP) structure
- Create new investment tranche structures in the Pools, e.g., the mezzanine tranche
- Add Pix as a means to pay and receive loans and investments
- Implement integration for issuing boletos
- Implement automatic reconciliation of Pix and boletos


- Integrate with asset issuers and registries for asset entry validation on the platform
- Expand the list of available eligibility criteria that agents can add to their Pools for AmFi to provide better control and security for investors
- Improve Agent and Investor workflows with a focus on onboarding and KYC of these users


- Integrations with third-party platforms to automate processes, such as digital signature platforms, asset settlement and others
- Create an interactive dashboard and regular reports for users


- Open platform for foreign investors
- Create a hedge structure to protect against currency fluctuations
- Improve bank orchestration at all levels of the platform, 100% automated and on-chain