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What AmFi has planned for you in the following months

1) The Plan Overview:

2) Timeline:

What we have achieved so far in 2023
2023 Q1:
  • Allow Batch asset processing that can disburse thousands of loans per minute
  • Introduction of judicial asset as a new asset supported by the platform. Judicial assets can be "precatórios", RPVs, labor and civil cases.
  • Issuance of "boletos" for automatic collection and reconciliation.
  • New dApp page for the management of debt facilities, providing more control and transparency to the Originator of the credit product
  • Integration with new banking partners, unlocking new features for the platform, such as PIX.
  • Automation of billing
2023 Q2:
  • Expansion of the list of debt eligibility criterias that Originators can add to their products to provide greater control and security for investors.
  • Improvement of onboarding process for originators and investors
  • Introduction the suitability process for individual investors
  • Introduction of post-fixed profitability
  • Implementation of tranches permission control (Tranche TAGs)
  • Creation of the User Management feature, giving Originators more autonomy and control over their Product team
  • Automation of the process of creating and signing the Term of Assignment.
  • Automatically autoclaim for investors with a portfolio in custody
  • New feature of collateral management with an automatically integrated escrow account where Originators can easily manage receivables given as collateral
  • Addition of commercial paper as a credit asset supported by the platform
  • Addition of Credit Card Receivables as an asset supported by the platform
  • Payment of credit transactions and receipt of investments via Pix
  • Improvement of the Portfolio Management and Billing processes
  • Implemented automatic emails triggers through the Investor's journey
What we have achieved in 2022
2022 Q1-Q2:
  • Tokenizer of real-world assets
  • Portfolio manager (full history of on-chain transactions, reconciliation, loan management)
  • Lending Pools V1
2022 Q3:
  • ABRL stablecoin
  • Automatic on-/off-chain payments
  • Custodial wallet option for investors
2022 Q4:
  • Launch of the first Pool!
  • Macroeconomic indicators integrated into the platform
  • Project together with Lift Lab (Central Bank of Brazil)