Investing through AmFi

Now that you understand how our pools work and the benefits of operations with tokenized assets, let us understand how the process of investing in a pool works.

To summarize the process:

  • After being approved through our KYC process, the investor gains access to our platform;
  • On the AmFi platform, investors can access a variety of pools depending on their profile;
  • AmFi provides full details of the pools so that investors can do their research before investing;
  • After selecting a pool, the investor deposits funds on the platform, which are converted into the stablecoin ABRL, as explained here.
  • The investor deposits ABRLs into one of the pool's tranches and receives tranche tokens for their investment, which are a kind of receipt for the investment made. You can learn more about tranches and tranche tokens here.
  • After that, it is possible to monitor a dashboard with the development of your portfolio and the performance of the invested operation in real time.