Originators are companies with an already established customer network and that are interested in offering banking services to this group or optimizing a financial service they already offer. We started with an initial focus on fintechs and credit operators, but now, any company that wants to set up a credit vehicle or has assets it wishes to tokenize and distribute can access the AmFi platform. They can use the AmFi platform to create a financial product or migrate it to the blockchain, enjoying all the associated benefits. There are numerous advantages to setting up a financial product within AmFi, but we can mention the following as major benefits:

  • Access to different investor profiles (retail, qualified, assets, institutional, and international investors)

  • Lower initial capital, setup and maintenance costs

  • Faster structuring of a financial product and disbursement of funds

  • The possibility of running the operation with fewer employees

  • Better accessibility, especially for SMEs and new market entrants

  • Fewer service providers, resulting in a cheaper, more transparent and efficient financial product

Here is an example of the diference between an AmFi Pool and a FIDC (a type of credit fund widely used in Brazil):

Find out how we managed to reduce costs and increase efficiency here.

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