Best practices adopted by AmFi

AmFi not only follows best market practices and standards set by the Brazilian regulator, but is also a pioneer in Brazil in several areas and believes that transparency and ethics are fundamental principles of the capital market.

We promote measures for:

Risk management, governance and compliance

  • Focus on governance and compliance, applying best market practices

  • Segregated assets in compliance with the provisions of PL 4401

  • Risk, Finance and Compliance Committee

  • For clients: We perform KYC, suitability checks and detailed user individualization

  • For Employees and Related Parties: política de KYE e investimentos pessoais

Operational and financial risk management

  • Audit and Proof of Reserves of all transactions

  • Zero leverage products

  • Zero arbitrage against the book itself Zero debt

  • No connection with politicians

  • Issuance of invoices

  • Coaf report

  • Reporting to the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service

Because we have these attributes as AmFi’s pillars, we are invested by the best companies in the market:

And the best professionals:

E outros parceiros incríveis.

We partner with relevant companies:

We are part of important class entities:

We have won the partnership of great companies:

We participated in important programs:

We won an award that validated our path:

  • FIDinsiders: category "Financial solution in DeFi and tokenization"

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