Originator Journey

Starting the Originator journey

AmFi values technology combined with security and speed. That's why the process of building a lending pool takes up to two weeks and guarantees that no sensitive data is exposed. Here we will walk you through the beginning of your journey with us.


Getting started: go to https://amfi.finance/#joinus and fill out the form with your information. We will contact you as soon as possible so we can better understand your needs and why you want to use our platform.

You will receive a form to fill out with data that will allow us to know some basic information about your operation.

Our team of experts will evaluate your operation and accept or reject it.

“Match”: AmFi cross-checks the information provided and finds investors with compatible characteristics to join the pool. This stage may involve negotiations between the originator and investors on the terms of the pool, making the operation more assertive for our users.

Customization: in this phase, you can customize all the steps and features of your pool through AmFi Factory.

Due diligence process (KYP): AmFi checks the background of the originator and their company to ensure a secure and fraud-free environment before launching the pool.

Running operation: after the signatures are collected, the smart contract starts running on-chain. Once the smart contracts are online, the pool can accept investments and begin operations.

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