Custodial Wallets

We know that onboarding new users to applications developed on the blockchain can be very unintuitive. To provide better accessibility to our users, we developed a custodial wallet service.

How does it work?

  • The person goes through a KYC check and a User is created for them on the platform;
  • If the user already has an ethereum-compatible browser wallet (such as MetaMask):
    • that wallet will be associated with the user, and will be used for login and for all of the operations involving blockchain transactions, like any Web3 application.
  • If the user does not provide a wallet address:
    • we will create a custodial wallet for them;
    • they will receive an email with a link to create a password;
    • the user can buy ABRL and invest in the pool without knowing anything about MetaMask, seed phrase or anything like that, simply by signing into the platform with email and password.
In practice, users of our Custodial Wallets do not even realize that they are interacting with an application that uses the blockchain. They do not need to know anything about the blockchain, smart contracts, and other features to use our application through our custodial wallets.
Find out how easy it is to invest with our custodial wallet.

See our tutorial to see how it is done!