AmFi has developed its Platform for global investors who are already familiar with the credit market and sophisticated operations. We perform the entire Know Your Customer (KYC) and risk profile matching process.

Through AmFi opportunities, Investors can access tokenized operations backed by receivables anticipation with more security and transparency than in similar operations in the traditional market. Talking about Pools, AmFi platform acts as a link between Originators and Investors through a system of liquidity pools that implement a set of business rules, referred to here as eligibility criteria (set by the originator at the time of pool creation), so that only assets that are eligible according to the Pool Policy can be acquired by the Pool.

This transparency protects Investors and promotes the best compliance standards for Pool operations. Speaking about Unitokens (individual assets), AmFi selects companies that have high-quality assets so that these can be tokenized and sold on our platform. Investors can access high-yield assets with a favorable risk-return ratio.

AmFi Pools can be considered a competitive risk-reward option compared to traditional capital market investments, as Investors around the world can invest in the high yields of emerging markets.

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