Pool launch!

After the pool has been customized and approved through our due diligence process, the pool is ready to launch! We will deploy the smart contracts needed to run the pool on the blockchain.
After that, the originator will get access to their pool on our platform, where they can access many features that enable fast and efficient operations, including:
  • Creating and tracking borrower profiles;
  • Creation and management of users for you, the originator, to grant your staff various forms of access to the pool as needed;
  • Real-time transaction history, where it is possible to view new investments, disbursements, debt repayments and pool costs in real time and export this history to a CSV file, for example;
  • Tracking the status of loans, such as whether they are open, repaid, or in default;
  • Creating and managing charges through boleto or Pix;
  • Reconciliation screen, where you can reconcile payments made with the outstanding balance;
  • Amortization to distribute income proportionally among the token holders of each tranche;
  • Loan request creation screen, where originators can submit their operations to the pool (it is possible to import assets in batch or via API).
Thus, you have all the necessary tools to run an operation very efficiently and quickly. The AmFi team offers training to show you how to navigate our platform and gives any assistance you may need.
Last modified 2mo ago