Transfer of funds to the platform

The process of transferring funds outside the AmFi environment

Transferring funds from an off-chain environment to an on-chain environment is often a slow and costly task that requires many intermediaries. Typically, the process is similar to the following:

  • An investor sends money to a centralized exchange;

  • The investor pays fees to trade or convert fiat currency into stablecoin or the desired cryptocurrency;

  • The investor pays withdrawal fees to withdraw tokens from the exchange and send them to a wallet.

On the AmFi platform, this process is simplified:

  • Participants who have passed a KYC move their capital between the banking system and the blockchain (on-ramp/off-ramp) in an extremely simple and reliable way.

  • There are no fees for this process. If an investor wants to invest BRL 10,000 in a Pool and goes through the ABRL purchase process, they will have 10,000 ABRLs (stablecoin developed by AmFi) to invest within minutes.

  • With the ABRL in the portfolio, the investor can choose which Pool to invest in.

Soon we will support global investors and also have an on-chain USD-ABRL liquidity pool.

Explaining the process:

  1. Investors or originators deposit reais into the bank account of the stablecoin, which is an SPE created to allow liquidity transfers involving the ABRL.

  2. These reais are retained in the stablecoin bank account and, for every 1 real deposited, 1 APR is generated, which users can claim within the platform.

  3. With the ABRLs in your account on our platform, the user can invest in the pools.

  4. After choosing and investing in a pool, the user exchanges his ABRLs for the token tranche of that pool. Learn more about tranche tokens here.

When the user requests the withdrawal of their funds from the platform, an inverse process occurs: the amount of ABRL withdrawn is destroyed, and the reais that serve as ballast for the ABRL are transferred to the user's bank account.

Learn more about our stablecoin ABRL here.

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