General Context

AmFi: The connection between two worlds

The name AmFi is an acronym for "Amphibious Finance", the evolutionary force of transition from one state to the next. As amphibians inhabiting two worlds, we aim to combine the expertise of traditional finance (TradFi) with the efficiency of blockchain, in a simple, secure and easy way.

We provide financial infrastructure and technology

AmFi provides a platform for companies to build and operate real-world credit solutions using blockchain.

Our first product is Liquidity Pools, designed to help companies set up and operate Funding Pools that use tokenized financial assets¹ as collateral. Recently, we have expanded our range of possibilities and started working with the tokenization of single assets, here called Unitokens, which offer companies the opportunity to quickly enjoy the benefits of this new technology.

Our goal is to work with best-in-class originators to fund a variety of real-world businesses and provide investors around the world with a range of new investment products with predictable returns backed by real assets. We also aim to fill the gaps in TradFi lending by offering a more competitive alternative to traditional debt facilities while expanding the credit market and making it more accessible.

To create these products, AmFi has developed an on-chain credit infrastructure alongside off-chain payments and legal solutions that comply with current local regulations. This way, the operational experience is extremely smooth with as little human intervention as possible and can be easily executed when needed. We use the same traditional vehicles that are already well-known, but in a much more efficient and innovative way. ¹

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