Any borrower in supported countries can access capital through AmFi Pools and using their available eligible assets as collateral.

Borrowers do not access the AmFi platform directly to sell their assets or access capital, this is done directly with the originators. If you would like to access capital through the AmFi pools, contact us so we can refer you to an originator that can assist you with your needs:

AmFi does not deal directly with borrowers. Originators register them on our platform and provide a set of data (information and registration data, in addition to documents validated in various external sources) to avoid fraud and comply with best market practices.

How borrowers can get a loan:

  • Originators source borrowers and analyze their credit requests;

  • The Originator conducts KYC checks on the borrower according to a process established by AmFi that adheres to best market practices;

  • If the originator agrees, the collateral asset is tokenized and the request is submitted to the pool, where it is checked against the Pool Policy;

  • If the results meet the Pool's criteria, the assets are tokenized as NFTs and subjected to AmFi's automated anti-fraud checks;

  • If the token is approved, the Pool takes ownership of the asset token and releases the funds, all in a single transaction. AmFi's proprietary off-chain integrations ensure funds reach the correct destination in fiat;

  • Pools are compliant and work with regulations in supported countries, so Borrowers and Originators do not have to worry about potential legal issues.

The current list of tokenizable assets (and thus possible loan collateral) is:

  • Invoices;

  • A wide range of judicial assets;

  • Credit notes;

  • Card Receivables

  • Bank Credit Notes

We plan to expand the range of assets supported on the AmFi platform. See our Roadmap.

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