Through AmFi Pools, Investors can access improved debt financial products backed by tokenized financial assets. AmFi platform acts as a link between Agents and Investors by providing a system of eligibility criteria enforcement, so that only assets that are eligible according to the Pool Policy may be acquired by the Pool.
AmFi platforms acts as a link between Agents and Investors through a system of eligibility criteria, so that only assets that are eligible according to the Pool Policy may be acquired by the Pool. This transparency protects Investors, and promotes the best compliance standards on Pool operations.
All AmFi Pools are recorded on-chain - so each new investment, asset purchase, repayments, and all others are traceable. It creates an inviolable, secure and transparent on-chain credit history, perfect for potential investors to analyze their investments performance, and also make better investment decisions.
AmFi has stated as a closed beta for now, supporting only lending pools operating in Brazil. Learn how you can be invited to use our platform here.
Moving money from an off-chain environment to an on-chain environment is usually a costly and slow task that requires many intermediaries and normally follows a process similar to the one described below:
  • An investor sends funds to a centralized exchange;
  • The investor pays fees to trade or convert fiat currency into stablecoin or the desired cryptocurrency;
  • The investor pays withdrawal fees to withdraw tokens from the exchange and send them to a wallet.
On the AmFi platform, this process is simplified: participants who have passed a KYC check move their capital between the banking system and the blockchain (on-ramp/off-ramp) in an extremely simple and reliable way. AmFi has developed a stablecoin backed by and pegged to the Brazilian Real, which can be bought with a simple bank transfer.
Soon we will support global investors, and we will also have an on-chain USDC-ABRL liquidity pool.
There are no fees for this process. For example, if an investor wants to invest R$ 10,000 in a Pool and goes through the process of buying ABRL, they will have 10,000 ABRLs to invest within minutes.
ABRL purchase process, the way investors will convert their off-chain funds into on-chain funds.
With the ABRL on their wallet, investors can choose in which Pool they will invest.
How investors will use AmFi Pools:
  • Investors visit the AmFi Pools platform, connect their wallet or use our custodial wallets and can choose between many different Pools, each with its respective Agent, market segment, type of credit operation and expected returns.
  • They can invest and request a withdrawal throughout the operation of a pool and only have to to wait for the time to liquidity, all the while knowing that in the event of default or delay, the first-loss capital will be used to protect their investment.
AmFi Pools can be considered a competitive risk-reward option compared to traditional capital market investments, as Investors can invest in the high yield Latin American market.
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