How AmFi Helps to Boost Your Business

AmFi is not here just to be a technology provider, but we really want to take your company to another level, and we will show you how we do this:

Firstly, we have a team with decades of experience in the capital market, so we have more facilitated access to institutional investors, assets, and family offices. At the time of writing, we have hundreds of millions of reais through partner investors waiting to be invested in good opportunities! To assist us in the sales process, we prepare a series of documents and materials for the opportunities see an example of a real opportunity:

In addition to the executive summary, AmFi prepares what we call a "Disclosure Material," a document that explains in detail the entire operation, see a real example. The AmFi team is always in contact with investors and originators to promote opportunities and create new operations:

We don’t just want to help our partners distribute their products, but we also aim to assist them in building a good reputation in the market. We have partnerships with content creators to host live sessions for our partners to promote their businesses!

All of this results in a product that is lightweight, affordable, and flexible, often already purchased by our partner investors from the get-go. In addition to the live sessions, we also manage to access major news portals to promote the operations.

See this example, when Mercado Bitcoin (the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America) acquired the operation from UP Vendas:

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